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Introducing The Latest In Superior Technology


The Breakthrough

Scientists have known for decades that redox signalling
molecules (also called cell signalling molecules) facilitate
communication between cells, helping to protect, rejuvenate,
and keep cells functioning at optimal levels.
ASEA’s revolutionary technology replicates the body’s own
cell signalling molecules. This process has been used to
develop products that contain these life-sustaining molecules.

The Science of Redox Signalling

Although you may not have heard of redox signalling before
now, it’s not a new area of science. The field of redox has
been researched for decades, multiple Nobel prizes have
been awarded for discoveries related to it, and upwards of
10,000 peer-reviewed scientific papers have been writtenon the subject.

Supporting Your Cells

Redox signalling technology is available to everyone in
RENU 28 Revitalizing Redox Gel and RENU Advanced
Intensive Redox Serum, two groundbreaking topical redox
products that promote the health of your skin.
ASEA products go beyond cell signalling. Its cutting-edge
technologies extend to other cellular support products to
create a complete approach to overall health.
Whether you need a topical redox boost or anti-ageing for
your skin, ASEA offers products that work where your body
needs the most attention.
Now you can supplement your body’s own redox signalling
molecules from the outside in with RENU 28 Revitalizing
Redox Gel and RENU Advanced Intensive Redox Serum for
overall health that starts in the cells.
You also have access to cutting-edge technologies
formulated into products that work hand in hand with
cell signalling to enhance your wellbeing.